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Super soap, heavy cars, and the consequences of social media.

Welcome to the Play-by-Play. Every other week, we’re taking three recent stories from our God’s WORLD News publications and breaking them down to help you spark conversation in the home or the classroom.

As you move from discover to explore to discern, the themes go deeper. But any of these stories can work for conversation with the whole family. We’ll also include a Conversation Kickoff to help you break the proverbial ice if your kids aren’t ready to dive deep right away.

This week, we’re noticing a theme of taking responsibility. As you go through these stories, look for ways that people take responsibility—or fail to do so.

Wash up and get better.

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🧠 What do we need to know about this story?
14-year-old Heman Bekele moved from Ethiopia to Virginia. He invented a soap that helps treat skin cancer for people who can’t find or afford treatment.

❤️️ How does this story affect our understanding?
Look for the theme of empathy. What is empathy, and where do we see it in this story? Why did Heman take on responsibility to solve a problem for people who live an ocean away? Consider the theme of gifts. What gifts did Heman use to bless people in Africa? What does the Bible say about using our gifts to love others?

✋ How does this story inspire our actions?
Think about the community around you. Where do you see a need? Do people lack food, clothing, medicine, friendship? Brainstorm ways for you and your family to help fill that need.

An Uh-Oh for EVs

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🧠 What do we need to know about this story?
Electric vehicles can weigh up to 50% more than gas-powered vehicles. A new study shows that America’s guardrail systems often aren’t strong enough to stop EVs that veer off-road.

❤️️ How does this story affect our understanding?
Look for our theme of responsibility. Who takes responsibility for the road safety of EVs? The companies who make the cars? The people who drive them? The government that builds the guardrails? When heavy EVs smash through guardrails, who faces the most danger? Think about the theme of conservation. Why do people choose to drive electric vehicles? Why do other people prefer gas-powered vehicles?

✋ How does this story inspire our actions?
On your next family car ride, pay attention to the other vehicles on the road. Compare the number of gas-powered, hybrid, and electric vehicles you see.

Conversation Kickoff! What would your dream vehicle look like? Would it be a truck, a sports car, an SUV? Why? What color would it be?

Social Media at the Senate

(Read it at WORLDteen.)

🧠 What do we need to know about this story?
In January, the CEOs of major social media companies testified before the U.S. Senate. They had to answer for the ways apps such as Instagram and TikTok allow harm to underage users.

❤️️ How does this story affect our understanding?
What makes social media so appealing? What can make it dangerous? Again, look for our theme of taking responsibility. Who should take responsibility when kids and teens have harmful experiences on social media? Why do many senators believe social media companies should take the blame?

✋ How does this story inspire our actions?
Research the effects of social media use. Try a combination of online research and field research. Take a poll of your friends and family members who use social media. Ask them how often they use it, why they use it, and how it makes them feel.


And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these. — Mark 12:30-31

Together, let’s get the conversation started. He has equipped you for the work.

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